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Wholesale Butcher

Tenderspot supplies many of the top restaurants and hotels in Broome and the wider North West. Our customers include large government organisations, hospitals, aged care facilities, tourism, offshore operations, resorts, remote mining customers and our many local retail customers.

We are the largest wholesale butcher in the northwest with current HACCP certification covering food safety aspects of our operations. We have our HACCP certification audited by an external body demonstrating our commitment to the integrity and safety of the product we sell.

Here are the reasons our customers say they love Tenderspot.

  • WA sourced beef, lamb, pork, and chicken

  • Ethically farmed chicken and grassfed beef products

  • West Australian seafood

  • Fantastic select of House made sausages

  • Australian game meat form crocodile to spatchcocks

  • Speciality products from smoked emu to white pudding

  • Premium small goods from small Australian producers

Tenderspot prides itself of having Trade Qualified Butchers. Our team undergo continuous training and compete at industry events.

Always happy to order cut and bone any special requirements for our customers. Our excellent customer service and competitive pricing makes us the leading wholesale butcher. 

Come on in and see why we would benefit your business.

Broome Butchers Shop
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