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At Tenderspot we are a team of dedicated meat lovers!

Australia produces some of the best meat and seafood in the world we strive to source the very best products from growers and suppliers both locally and regionally to ensure our butcher shops in Broome, Kununurra and Port Hedland provide only the very best.

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Our range and knowledge of quality beef is extensive. We offer a wide selection of dry aged, wagyu grass and grain fed beef .

We source our Australian beef locally and regionally from Australian farms that produce exceptional quality products using sustainable farming methods and that also have high animal welfare standards.



Our pork is grown in the pristine and natural environment of the Great southern. This ideal region in WA’s South West encourages the pigs to behave naturally foraging and rooting in the free range paddocks. These farms must meet the stringent APIQ standards for space allowance and environmental care.


Speciality Products

If you searching for that unique hard to find product we will have it at Tenderspot Butchers. From smoked game meats like Emu, Kangaroo and Buffalo. Wild Boar, Venison , Crocodile and Wild Rabbit are all available instore. We have the ability to procure rare and seasonally available meats. We are always happy to help you expand your cooking repertoire with our knowledge of hard to find products and how to cook them.



Proudly supporting ethically produced Dorper Lamb from Parron Dorper. Raised on the lush pasture of Badgingarra, this regenerative and ethically farmed product has tender texture and superior flavour. As a small producer this family prides itself on practices implemented for a stress-free, natural environment to raise healthy and happy Dorper Lamb.

Seafood Dish


Whether you’re looking for seasonal produce like Broome Pearl Meat, Geraldton  Rock Lobster, Abrolhos Island Scallops or Fremantle Sardines we have these seasonally available for you. A vast selection of seafood including Shark Bay prawns, North West Threadfin, Barramundi and Mudcrab are available in store. Oysters, Clams, Mussels and a fantastic selection of seafood can be found. Fresh fish arrives each week from our local fishers.


Gourmet Products

At Tenderspot Meat Company one of our goals is to bring great ingredients to our customers kitchens. We source products from small producers around Australia. You will find a fantastic selection of chutneys, relishes, rubs, curry pastes, seasonings, smokes and some really wonderful mustards, oils and truffle products. There is so much more instore.

We pride ourselves on our ability to create gourmet experiences for both our regular customers and wholesale clients.



At Tenderspot Butchers we use only the freshest and best chicken available. We use 100% Australian Chicken with no added hormones or steroids.

Arriving fresh Monday/Wednesday and Friday we process to our customers’ requirements.

Our chicken products are handmade daily using quality delicious ingredients to ensure you get the very best product every time you shop with us.


Dry Aged Products

We specialise in dry aging small batches of premium beef cuts sourced from the pristine South West. Himalayan salt bricks as a natural air purifier and removes the humidity, thus encouraging the dry aging process. An old craft tradition creating the unique intensified delicate taste.



Our passion for creating the perfect sausage is ongoing.

We use only natural hog casing’s for our handcrafted flavoured sausages. With quality ingredients and old family recipes you are in for a treat.

Our selection is only limited by your imagination. Flavours change weekly due to popular demand. The staples are always available like our Italian, Ring-o-Fire, BBQ and Pork. Be enticed with our seasonal favourites like Lamb & Pistachio or Great Northern Beer Bangers or Chicken & Spinach.

Please see our Stores page for lists of products available at each of our stores.

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